Rolls Royce Wraith

Rolls Royce Wraith

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Rolls Royce Wraith (Series II)

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  • Rolls Royce Wraith

Power. Style. Drama

This is the world’s most powerful Rolls Royce.

The Rolls Royce Wraith combines luxurious comfort with the most powerful engine under the Rolls Royce badge to date.

Every detail is meticulously crafted, from the unique Starlight Headliner, to the abundantly spacious four-seat cabin.

Rolls-Royce describes it as a debonair gentleman’s GT.

The Rolls Royce Wraith’s coach doors swing wide to reveal the most enticing four-seat Grand Tourer – a motor car comfortably capable of seating the driver, three passengers and their luggage with space to spare.

The sweeping interior lines promise unashamed luxury, with every aspect of passenger comfort carefully attended to, from the deep lambswool rugs underfoot to the softest natural grain leather upholstery, the cabin features a dramatic Piano Black lacquer. Overhead you’ll find an intricately crafted and unique Starlight Headliner. Consisting of up to 1,600 fibre optic lights, each hand-woven into the leather at assorted depths and angles, to bring the atmosphere of the night sky inside, and can even mirror a constellation of your choosing. Further effects can be created with the flick of a single switch to shift the ambiance from softly lit and mellow to brilliantly intense.

Wraith’s Satellite Aided Transmission predicts the road ahead, automatically selecting the right gear on the eight-speed transmission to make long-distance touring natural and effortless. In addition, Active Cruise Control is radar-enabled to keep track of vehicles in front and automatically maintain a safe distance, ensuring the smoothest possible ride. For a more informed drive, the intelligent Head Up Display projects critical information in to the natural field of vision. Strategically placed cameras offer a 360-degree view around the car, while an infrared eye in the front grille detects potential hazards at night.

Finely tuned by Rolls-Royce experts, Wraith’s eighteen-speaker Bespoke Audio System produces incredibly rich and deep sounds.

A Comfort Entry System puts convenience at your fingertips, enabling you to lock and unlock your car simply by touching the door handle.

The uprated 6.6 litre V12 engine creates a feeling of endless power and potency. Married to an enhanced gearbox characteristic, it delivers more torque and quicker shifts that bolster the straight-line performance.

Whatever your journey or destination, Wraith adds a powerful, dramatic presence and immaculate sense of style.

For luxury, comfort, space & power, choose the Rolls-Royce Wraith today.

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Power. Style. Drama

Rolls Royce Wraith opens the door to an entirely new level of driving experience. This is a motor car for the restless seekers, built on that same insatiable thirst for the ultimate of experiences.

Intended to push the boundaries of design and engineering, Wraith is the true embodiment of Sir Henry Royce’s vision: “Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it.”

It is a seamless marriage of performance, control and style. A motor car that will transport you, physically and emotionally, to the most exhilarating places.